fellowship program on interventional orthopedics
Micare is conducting a fellowship program on interventional orthopedics

Here is the google drive link of the fellowship program poster. 


  • Procedure Overview

        •   Basic MSK USG
        •   USG Guided Intervention
        •   Fluroscopy guided Spine Intervention
        •   Regenerative Orthopedics
        •   Basic Arthroscopy
        •   Basic spine endoscopy
        •   Laser Spine Surgery
        •   Radiofrequency Plasma Surgery

        •   Ways of learning:
    • 1) Didactic Lectures
    • 2) Hands on demonstration on model
    • 3) Hands on demonstration on patients
    • 4) Observership of procedures done by faculty
    • 5) Supervised procedure done by participants
    • 6) Attending pateint in OPD
    • 7) Group discussion




    Modules of the program:


    Module 1: Must to know basics for orthopedic interventionist.


    1) Introduction to Interventional orthopedics & Minimal invasive surgery in orthopedic & there scope.

    2) Basic science for Spine : Advanced Anatomy, Applied Radiology (Xray, MRI, CT scan), Common spine conditions treated by interventions.

    3) Basic Science for Shoulder: Advanced Anatomy, Applied radiology (Xray, MRI, CT scan), Common shoulder conditions treated by interventions.

    4) Basic Science for Knee: Advanced anatomy, Applied radiology (Xray, MRI, CT Scan), common knee conditions treated by interventions.

    5) Basic Science for Foot & Ankle: Advanced anatomy, Applied radiology (Xray, MRI, CT Scan), common ankle & foot conditions treated by



    6) Basic Science for Hip: Advanced anatomy, Applied radiology (Xray, MRI, CT Scan), common hip conditions treated by interventions.



    Module 2: MSK USG: the magical wand for orthopedic interventionist


    1.       Basic MSK USG

    2.       A to Z of shoulder USG

    3.       A to Z of Knee USG

    4.       A to Z of Ankle-foot USG

    5.       A to Z of wrist & hand USG

    6.       A to Z of Hip USG


     Module 3: MSK USG guided interventions: Stop playing blindfolded.


    1.       Basics of MSK USG guided intervention (Evidences & recommendations, needle tracking, In plane & out plane injections, equipment & instruments etc)

    2.       USG Guided shoulder intervention (


    Subdeltoid bursal injection,  Capsular hydrodistension, Suprascapular nerve block, AC joint injection, biceps tendon & other peri- tendinous etc)

    3.       USG Guided Knee intervention (supra-patellar bursal injection, baker cyst aspiration, mensical injections, peritendinous injections etc)

    4.       USG guided ankle & foot injection: (tendoachilles injection, planter fascial injection,  tibio-talar join injection etc)

    5.       USG guided hip intervention: (USG guided aspiration, USG guided hip injection, LFCN block, pyriformis injection, USG guided S-I joint injection etc)

    6.       USG guided Elbow & hand intervention ( Tennis elbow injection, elbow joint injection, mediun nerve hydro-dissection, DQ tenosynovial injection, trigger point injection wrist joint injection etc)


      Module 4: Regenerative Orthopedics: keep in touch with trending innovation.


    1.       Scope of regenerative orthopedics

    2.       PRP in orthopedics: myth vs reality! ( PRP in OA & PRP in tendinitis, hands on prp preparation & injection)

    3.       Stem cell in orthopedics & trauma (Evidences, scope, hands on bone marrow harvesting & preparation)



    Module 5: Fluoroscopy guided spine intervention: Do minimum for maximum outcome.


    1.       Evidence based approach for low back pain management

    2.       Evidence based approach for management of lumber disc herniation

    3.       Fluroscopy guided spine interventions( Selective nerve root block, caudal epidural, provocative discography, intra-discal steroid, interlaminar epidural, SI joint injection etc)




    Module 6: Miscellaneous topics


    1.       Evidence based recommendations for OA knee management

    2.       Hands on demonstration on knee arthroscopy on model

    3.       Hands on demonstration of laser disc decompression

    4.       Hands on demonstration of basic spine endoscopy

    5.       Scope of minimal invasive trauma surgery with live demonstration

    6.       IV ketamine for Chronic recalcitrant pain like CRPS, neuropathic pain, Fibromyalgia etc




    What participants can get:

    o  All lectures powerpoint

    o  MSK USG International protocol & report format

    o  Summary of NASS guideline for spine pathology

    o  Summary of AAOS guideline for upper extremity conditions (Including rotator cuff injuries)

    o  Summary of AAOS guidelines for lower extremity conditions (incliding OA Knee)

    o  Can observe & do following procedures: USG guided intervention, SNRB, caudal epidural, SI joint injection, PRP therapy, stem cell therapy, ozone therapy, prolapsed laser disc decompression, diagnostic knee arthroscopy etc

    o  Fellowship certificate



    Duration of fellowship: 2 weeks


    Place of fellowship: Micare center at Cumilla Trauma Center, Cumilla, Bangladesh.


    Participant number: Maximum 3 participants per fellowship slot.


    Application procedure: after contacting with fellowship authority interested participants can book a slot for available upcoming fellowship program.


    Schedule: Yearly 12 fellowship batch. One batch per month.


    Contact number: +8801676589393, +880 1815-881161

    email: info@micarebd.com


    Registration fees*:

    For domestic participant- 20,000 BDT only

    For international participant- 300 US only

    *Food, accomodation, transport is not included.


    1st batch for the fellowship will be started from 18th June


    Only 1 seat is currently available, rest are booked already!!

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